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An internet radio station dedicated to shredded field recording ambience

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About Concrète Mixer

So this blog is mainly focused on Concrète Mixer, a sound app I’ve built to be run on a Raspberry Pi. In this post I brief description of the app as a starter. Later posts will get in to more detailed explorations.

What is?

Every time I think about what Concrète Mixer is, I come up with a new description. Today it’s: Concrète Mixer is an audio file mixing engine which generates “soundscapes” by applying random decisions about how the sounds should be arranged. You can supply any kind of sound file, but my ‘use case’ has been to mix field recordings I’ve made.

You can learn how to install the app on the project’s github page, bug for those who prefer a more audiovisual run through, I’ve made a youtube that attempts to explain what Concrète Mixer is and how to set it up:

Being the first instructional video I’ve produced, it’s not exactly Scorsese (although it might be slightly Hitchcockian).

Audio demos

Finally, there are demo renditions of the application available:

These recordings represent two separate run through of the app using the same set of field recordings. The audio is recorded as is with no post-processing or editing. Indeed I haven’t actually listened to them all the way through.

What’s next?

The next post will be a deeper description of how the app works.

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