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So as a side-project (or perhaps the main point?) of Concrète Mixer, I’ve set up an Icecast server running a live internet radio stream of the software’s output. Currently the supplied audio is recordings I’ve made, but I don’t get out so much these days so I’d like to open it up to recordings by other people.

Some bullet points:

  • The ideal recording length seems to be about 90 to 150 seconds. Too short and the sound feels too abrupt; too long and the listener can lose interest.
  • I’m not after particularly high quality audio (some of my recordings were made on camcorders, dictaphones, mp3 players); that said, the recording has to be fairly intelligible.
  • The recording has to have some sort innate interest, some element that engages a listener’s interest. I can’t really define that more than “I know it when I hear it”.

This probably isn’t an especially helpful guide. To provide something more concrete (haha!), here’s two SoundCloud playlists of the sounds I’m currently using, as a very loose guide.

Sadly I’m not in a position to pay you for your contributions, but aside from the inherent glory you’ll gain in donating a recording to this project, I’ll do what I can to give you recognition.

If you would like to submit a sound to be added to the Concrète Mixer live stream, please email me.

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