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New sounds by Sebastian Brock added to Concrète Mixer radio

As mentioned last post I’m keen to add more sound recordings to Concrète Mixer Radio (CMR) and have put out a call for contributions. I’ve also poked around on Soundcloud hitting up users asking for field recordings of theirs I like.

Our first contributer is Sebastian Brock (aka Bemtevi), who has many recordings on Soundcloud.


Höckerschwäne (mute swan, cygnus olor)

This is a recording of some very unmute swan(s?) on Lake Werbeliner in northern Saxony (or so Wikipedia tells me). I love how the birds’ otherworldly calls are hypnotically locked in step. I also like how the sound’s pitch descends as the flying swans doppler their way into the distance.

It sounds quite dubby to me. Would be good to drop a few seconds of swan over an Augustus Pablo track.

Wind 3 - Zaun (fence)

This is quite an eerie recording and it will be interesting to see how it blends with the others in the sound pool. The fence seems to have been recorded using a contact microphone which means the sound has a smaller dynamic range (no high end, basically), which makes the recording sound like it’s been slowed down several octaves. Along with this discombobulation there’s a bleak science fictiony vibe to the recording. Kind of feels like the wind is groaning across an apocalyptic landscape…


This recording catches several moods in the southern French town of Montpellier, from church bells to cafe conversation to what sounds like a very vigorous street parade. I cut this recording into several two minute sections which work in well with the other sounds in the mix.

Der strand von Nizza

Oh this one’s excellent: the waves have a satisfying punch as they crash, and the sound of water rattling gravel as the waves ebb is tingly. Beautifully shaped white noise.

Additionally, just above the the sound of the waves you can sometimes hear the voices of people on the beach. From my own recording experience I know it can be annoying to have extraneous noise when you want your aural subject to be isolated, but in this instance the human noise adds another dimension to the recording, grounding it in a real location. It really makes you feel like you’ve washed up on the French Riviera…

Many thanks to Sebastian for letting me use his sounds!

If you want to hear more of Sebastian’s work you can check out his website.

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