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New sounds by Adrien Capozzi

In my quest to get contributions to Concrete Mixer I’ve turned to muso friends with the view that, well, everyone who has dabbled in electronica has made field recordings, right? Well my LA-based chum Adrien Capozzi said he hadn’t, but that he’d make some, and a few days later emailed me two tracks. That’s exactly the sort of commitment to the cause we’re after!


Chimes Cambria

Adrien didn’t provide any description of what either recording is about, so I don’t have much to go on except the titles. When I google ‘Chimes Cambria’ this is the result I get, but that doesn’t seem quite right. The chiming and occasional gonging sound great though, and the mystery endures…

Underwood Family Farm

Again there’s no context to this recording other than the title. My knowledge of American farming being fairly limited, I’m tempted to imagine this is the soundtrack to a barn raising, though again I guess this isn’t very likely. No matter what the occasion happened to be, it sounds pretty relaxed. I’d like to have been there.

Thanks Adrien for adding your ingredients to Concrete Mixer’s sonic gumbo!

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